Urdsley (the hidden part of Whaley).

You see, no one knew about the secret part of Whaley Bridge, Urdsley, because, for one thing, it was a phalanstery that lay between Taxal and Horwich End; the other reason was because it was what is known as a Googlewhack! So it was easy enough to find the hidden part, but very hard to get there, like a tunnel that is too long to run under the road.

And why was it so difficult to find? For a start, it was not easy to find it. It was in one of the few spots of quiet in the otherwise busy village. But it wasn’t, in fact, in a place where the street might have been a bit different, since most of the houses are of a single type.

The one I was interested in was, in fact, very far down the road, on a little hilltop, Forresters View, and it was, in fact, situated close to where Mr. Forrest himself had laid down his family roots. It was a small cottage, not a huge mansion, not a large farmhouse, but you wouldn’t have known. Very quiet, on a nice hill. I can’t remember exactly when it was built, but I remember that there was no gate or gatehouse, just a small house, with a lawn, and a shed with a wooden door, and the place was so small that I knew every room. Well, there was one room, but it wasn’t a kitchen, and I can’t remember exactly where I first discovered that.

I would go down the road several times, many times, every time I left my Eruv, and there’s not much point in me finding it the more hidden parts because that is business outside of my jurisdiction, outside my Anusim Eruv, and since the others seem to have been in the same place as I was.

I’m told that it was the only place in the whole village where a corpse had been discovered, so that in a way it seemed as if it might have been some kind of burial ground.

But, anyway, more about the phalanstery in Urdsley… A short time after I returned to The Stead, I received a message from a mysterious party. It didn’t tell me who they were or anything, but when I asked them about it, they said that the message was meant for me. (The reason I asked was because of the strange name given to them.) It seemed to give me some information about the phalanstery I’m part of that we live within (I know they are interested, since the very first time I realised, I found out something about this thing called a “Phalanstery” in the area — in Urdsley — but, I didn’t know what it was at the time). Then, the next day, a message from a party from Urdsley arrived. It just read, “Get out of our way — we can’t stay in here. Go!” Then, another message from the same party. The message then said, “That’s right. Go.” I figured it out from the message; Urdsley (or one of his people) has decided to send you away. I can see why he did, if it means he can go on being the god of the town. He may as well be The Mayor! I can’t help wondering what the message really said, but it doesn’t seem to be too important now that we’re voted out. Also, the party isn’t actually from Urdsley. It seems they’re from somewhere else in the village — likely someplace far from it. They also claim to have been sent away from Urdsley, too, at one time. At first I couldn’t believe it, but after a lot of thinking, I’m beginning to believe that this is what was intended. The first message was just to tell me where to go; the second was from Urdsley. The message from the other party is a little strange; it seems to have been written by someone else, then sent to me. (Maybe this was meant to send me somewhere I wasn’t supposed to go — or perhaps another way of having me go there, but without me realizing it.) I can’t know for sure, but it seems a little strange to send a resident away like that? However, I suppose I should be thankful that the party wants to send me away? After all, a bunch of other people in town have probably been trying to take my place, so if you get sent away by one, at least you’ll be in charge. Well, anyway, this is where I’ve been for most of the day. I tried to keep as far away from town as possible, staying here, at The Stead.

So, what is a Googlewhack, anyway? Well, for starters, a Googlewhack is when your web browser crashes and you have to wait for Google to fix it. It’s sort of like a bug that you just have to have fixed. This is an ongoing process.

And then there’s the next day when you have to try again and it doesn’t work.

So, the web browser crashes are the Googlewhacks.

The second type of Googlewhack is when your browser does something that Google is not responsible for. When Google does something that is not on their list of their “business rules,” and then there is a delay between when they fix it and when your browser automatically reboots.

We got that one fixed in the past, and then in the present, we were trying to find a way to have them actually do something more than just telling you, “It’s all fixed.” In the last revision, we have some more controls that can make it so that it just says, “Oh, we’ve fixed it.”

So, that means that after you click it and it says it’s all fixed, you can actually say, “OK, I get to go back and see how I did. But here’s a cool thing. We have three more ways to do it, but we think that they’re better. I’m going to use the three other ways.”

For example, one way you can say, “OK, I go to Google, I go to Bing, I go to Yahoo. Bing is going to do whatever they’re going to do. But Bing is going to do that with the search information that we’ve given them, Google will tell them, “Okay, just go ahead and do whatever you want to do. But you can look up something that you want to look up. But Bing and Yahoo, they’re just going to do whatever they’re going to do.” You can say that and it will really give you the data that you want to get and we think that’s going to be a really good new feature.

And there are even, sort of in between, if you want to do this one-time thing. But we want to have your way of accessing stuff, whether you want to just do the search thing, whether you want to do the weather thing. It was raining in Urdsley today.

Whether exists.



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