Holy Endogamy; the Dynasty of Dynasties.

Endogamy is holy. The Holy Of Holies is nuptials between consensual and mutual matrimonies. Holiness is the best of all good! It has a way of creating love in people.

And what does He say? “If a man love me…”

And they said, “If a man love me he will keep my word.”

And it’s true, for as long as we remain together,

The Holy Of Holies will never be empty.

In this eternal holy marriage, you have no idea what is coming and what will come.

[ … ]

Before the beginning (yet as The Logos was at work in its undertaking) there was a mutual understanding between Yahasi and Miriam, son and daughter of Joseph (Avinu), respectively. Joseph was of Arimathea and so was called Ahavah. Miriam was the daughter of Ahavah. Ahavah proceeded forth from the vein of David. As for Yahasi, there were no records.

Yet, there had to be records since it was Yahasi, not the angel Gabriel, who announced to Miriam that she would bear Yahasi’s child. Miriam kept all the things that everybody said “to her heart,” as it is written.

As for The Immaculate Conception: Jewish Law was broken; “Blessed [is] He who permits the forbidden.” — a certain messiah.

It all got a bit heavy for Tzevi, a bookshelf and no public library. We all had to have one after that; a family story. Populated by characters entirely.

This public library was a private affair; Qolim b’shamayim! voices in the firmament.

Bar Mitzvah announces the jew a man, to the world; it [is] his age of consent. Bat Mitzvah, likewise, as it is written; “The Hebrew [is] the most vigorous woman,” the most vigorous woman able to give birth. — We diet, then we have children, then we diet again. Kashrut Ruth, Korban Dan.

Yahasi was eleven the first time he had an orgasm; Miriam, his sister — both from the vein of Joseph (The Davidic Line) — likewise experienced it, but from sexual intercourse with her brother-in-law (Jewish Law, that is — The Law that is described by The Talmud as “no such thing as incest” as well as “no such prohibition between peer groups in an innocent family”). And so, Miriam became pregnant by Yahasi and Joseph became a man of vision, a dreamer of dreams.

Miriam gave birth to her son, Yeshua Immanuel Ben Yosef, at age thirteen therefore breaking Jewish Law and so Joseph thought he would have to put his daughter away before he would come to know her as her Holy Father. So he knew her not until after. And so the boy grew strong in Torah.

Miriam submitted to her Holy Father Yosef Ben Arimathea (Yahasi’s natural father as well as the man who took their bleeding son down from the cross).

And so it came to pass, that, by the time of Yeshua’s Bar Mitzvah he had lots of Talmudic (family story, people’s history) Talmudic brothers and sisters, cousins — not forgetting all the other generations! — family to play with. Minim.

“Yahasi ohev li tov.”

Miriam was exemplary by this point; a Holy woman conferred upon her by Qadosh Minim.

“Ha’naviah hiy ha’shofet v’ha’imah shel ha’Torah,” said Miriam, at the height of her power. And so, she was recognised by the nobility , the ruling class of jews, the Herodian household — they gave Joseph and their family, burgeoning as it was, a castle in Magdalot. Mother Miriam became Miriam Magdalit min Magdalot.

Things were different back then. For example, The Pharisees had a different Talmud (each extended family to its own) as they were just, just as much associated with the Herodians, however not sympathetic to the Romans, libelled Miriam Magdalit (otherwise Mary Magdalene) as a prostitute when she sacrificed her love to her sacrificial lamb Yeshua, she, therefore, becoming his “Mara” (Murah), or, instructor. Instructor in all the ways of holiness to make him a vigorous man before the inception of his ministry. Things were getting good quickly. A quickening.

“Muatz movilah l’hasidut.”

Quickening leads to storks.

Prayer is quickening. The orgasm is quickening. Either way some storks [are] happening.

Think of it this way: there’s nothing holier than when the perspiration pores of a man and woman be fully open as when united as one flesh. A sweet-smelling savour. Hebrew BBQ, too, as a treat for after. Truly serving, truly deserving. But the Pharisees served Yeshua his punishment from the firmament, qolim b’shamayim, cat o’ nine tails, upon his back during the throes of passion with his Mara. However, they would come to rent their cloaks in twain when they finally realised that one of their beloved sons should be put to death for the sake of an holy idea to live on…

And that’s the thing about The Lineage — straight down through The Lineage — that Miriam fell pregnant by Yeshua, at the height of their holiness, a holiness so vigorous that can survive a wooden crucifix. But, the vigorous man had said it: “not one stone [of The Temple] shall remain unturned,” prior to the metal against bones; the family of all families, the children of Israel, defended the sacking of their Temple, Hagannah against the Roman Legion. But Miriam, Miriam was smuggled out to France. Just ask all of their namesakes Jean-Baptiste, down through the subsequent ages, where the Merovingians came from; Miriam and her son Yehoudah, a Dynasty, albeit shrouded, to protect the legacy of David, servant of The Name, The Most High God.

Endogamy is holy; hierarchy is necessary, that’s why The House Of Jacob, all thirteen families, diasporas mitigating pluralim, must instruct the world to conceive, to conceive in Briah, where every human is made, that which is wholesome. The organic tree, romantically, is hierarchy, and the children of Israel are poised, in strategic locations, all around the globe, to administer justice to the nations we were born to rule. It’s not a jewish cabal anymore.

“Ya’avdukhah Amim.” As it is written.

“The few shall rule the many and the known. The slaves shall serve.” As it is written.



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