Apparently, it’s sexy (community).

“A doula during pregnancy”

“Misogyny” is “where he always is.” There’d be no sanctity, otherwise. Take childbirth, for example: one woman, at any given time, in labor, giving birth. She is assisted by two doulas and surrounded by ten of her sisters. All the men are nowhere to be found. What we mean to say is: they don’t interfere; childbirth and labor is a women’s rite of passage so celebrate it as such. By nowhere to be found we mean to say that the men are celebrating elsewhere. Separately.

But in their presence is not an absent presence; to the contrary, it has come to become a part of their social identity. It is not to be avoided.

There is a reason why there is also, and not always only, a women’s solidarity. There is also a reason why there is also, and not always only, a men’s social identity — it’s what led to the creation of the baby.

It has been said that it takes an entire community to raise a child, but, it involves an entire community in the creation of one.

I like the word “community” because it is the one word that has been used, in all my conversations and meetings, to describe an entire community: that is, the people who have to deal with your children, your work, your children’s work, your school, your family, your friends. I like the word community because it is a word that brings together people who are not only neighbors but who care for one another. Any good mother of a daughter rightly knows that it is not only good for people to talk together, but also to laugh together, to love together, to have patience together. In this way, her daughter is a part of the community of people.

The community of people is an entire set of members who work together in the shared task, regarding their mutual as well as their individual interests.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about our work together, our “community.” We have been doing this together for more than a decade. We have lived together, we are a team. We are now going to live together, as a family. We will work together on the things that are important to us. If we don’t like what we do, we are going to try to figure it out together, and if we can’t, we are going to figure out some alternative. There’s no alternative to life.

We will try to understand each other and make our goals work. It has been a difficult relationship. But I believe that over the years, we have evolved and learned. We’ve reached an understanding that we want to go forward. We want to help the community in different ways. We’ve grown together and we are going to help each other with the work that matters. Now, we really could take this to a whole new level. We could decide to create a Community Foundation, which would be a non-profit to help us live together as a family. We could help people in our community and even around the world. This will be a “public good,” a non-profit endeavor. This will support community projects we think are important. So it will be something people can visit in our name. That’s the goal here today. Now, what are we going to do with it? Our goal is not to make money for ourselves, we are not going to use the money for the way we live. We are going to use it as a trust to support what we are doing for the community. We can’t do this without the community.

But the “seed” preceded the ovum. So what are men’s rights? Our prerogative is, simply thus, not to sin and not to be controlled by the mind. As the philosophers rightly say, “the evil of the mind belongs to those who are led by it,” to use the famous phrase of the great Stoic, Epictetus.

In fact, all good and upright men of the world are not men. That is, men are simply the human potentialities of the world: and that potentiality is what they have not yet developed. So men, according to the Stoics, are not subject to any laws and regulations whatsoever — although they are subject to certain laws of nature and physics which must be followed by them. For there is no law which is not a rule of nature — for all are laws, not by their own will, but by nature. And so, on their part, men are not subject to any laws — in virtue of the nature of the human potentiality; but yet they are subject to certain natural laws, or natural laws which they must obey.

According to the Stoics, every man has a nature, which is innate. And thus, if a man does not cultivate it, it will never be developed in him. This is, of course, in contrast to the Christian view of man, according to which man is free and independent of his own nature, and, therefore, can not be free from his nature. In our own universe, of course, we are not entirely free — for we must obey the law of nature — but this is hardly the nature of man.

So, what is the nature of man? Our prerogative is not to sin. We sin if we hurt a woman because that is a father’s daughter. It must be respected as tender. But man does not feel the need to hurt other men. The question is not whether we hurt others. Man is strong enough to bear that; the question is whether we do it in the name of love or in the name of revenge. I am not here to say that man is not capable of love. I say that, if there is something wrong with the love, it will fail. There is only one thing wrong in love. It is called the love of power.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world can know peace.” — Jimi Hendrix.

Misogyny? Involve the whole community; apparently, it’s sexy.

Apparently, it’s sexy — multiple male partners during pregnancy? It’s not for everybody but it will produce a genius baby.




Wyrdsmyth, seasoned & weathered, semi-retired, Deleuzean schizze, considerable Mancunian, rural reunionist, consumer.

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Elijah N. James

Elijah N. James

Wyrdsmyth, seasoned & weathered, semi-retired, Deleuzean schizze, considerable Mancunian, rural reunionist, consumer.

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